Nostalgic Super 8 film for weddings

16mm movie camera used to capture wedding footage

Weddings shot on Super 8 film bring that vintage look that connects you to the past, yet still maintain the timeless and fresh impression.

While brides of the 80’s and 90’s were all about being shot on video, the past 10 years have shown a huge resurgence toward creating montage wedding footage on Super 8 film. Maybe nostalgia is the driving force in this new twist. Or maybe part of the reason for this resurgence comes from the greatly expanded repertoire of film stock in the market.

Today a number of wedding filmmakers who shoot on Super 8 film are regularly featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elle, Brides Magazine, The Wedding Channel, and various wedding forums and blogs for their gorgeous, timeless work shot on Super 8 film. There are many reasons wedding photographers and “videographers” are choosing to shoot on film vs. digital. The uniqueness of having real film adds a great artistic addition in quality that no plug-in can match. Plus, film is the only proven archival medium.

Because today’s Super 8 film has greater latitude, expanded film speed choices¬†and a variety of original stocks to pick from, it is easier and more aesthetically beautiful than ever to capture amazing wedding images for future generations to enjoy. Weddings ¬†personify originality and nostalgia – a perfect match for Super 8 film.

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