“The 8mm Revolution” – SUPER 8 Movie Featurette

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This piece off JJ Abrams’ SUPER 8 Movie Blu-Ray highlights the magic of the beloved 8mm/Super 8mm film formats. It discusses the history of the format, how it impacted the lives of the filmmakers, and how it is still a thriving format today. Shot and directed by M. David Melvin. Telecine, edit, color and VFX by Cinelicious.

Featuring Interviews by:
JJ Abrams (Writer / Director / Producer – SUPER 8)
Steven Spielberg (Producer – SUPER 8)
Brian Burk (Producer – SUPER 8)
Larry Fong (DP – SUPER 8)
Paul Korver (Principal – Cinelicious cinelicious.tv)
Norwood Cheek (Founder – Flicker flickerla.com)
Dennis Murren (VFX Supervisor – SUPER 8)
Michael Giacchino (Composer – SUPER 8)
Joel Courtney (Actor “Joe Lamb” – SUPER 8)
Riley Griffiths (Actor “Charles Kaznyk” – SUPER 8)

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