Editing short form wedding films

Editing style

Here at Geoffrey Chandler Wedding Films, we offer two products – The Short (3-5 minutes) and The Feature  (6-12 minutes). All our films are shot and cut to be content rich, capturing the emotion and character of each unique wedding. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize our films are much more than highlight clips put to music. They are nicely paced story-telling short movies about each couple’s wedding day.

Given the world of fast paced internet video, TV and even movies, we have all developed the expectation of rapidly progressing imagery. As a result, our attention span drops off dramatically much past four seconds. The length of a shot or lifespan is influenced by the action on the screen in addition to any audio or music. For example bridal prep can be a manic time, things are happening fast and no one knows what is happening next. Shot lifespan for this segment tends to be short. Then as we enter the ceremony and things slow down we increase the lifespan to reflect the new pace. The ceremony ends and we once again switch to a short lifespan and so on.

Story telling

Our films feature narration spoken in the words of the bride and groom – friends and family. The story is also told through moving images captured throughout the big day. With respect to narration, clients have the choice of using the audio captured at the ceremony and/or reception speeches. Or we can record audio of the bride and groom talking about how they met, what they love about each other – and use those sound bites as the narrative theme.

One nice extra many couples opt for is the “Documentary Add-on” which is a multi-camera version of the entire ceremony, in real time. We also include in the add-on, complete speeches and toasts at the reception.

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