I’ve been a photographer ever since I got my first camera and darkroom at age 10 and my first Super 8 motion picture camera, age 11. My father was a pianist and my mother an artist in oil and sculpture, so I learned to appreciate beautiful sounds and images from the day I was born.

Geoffrey Chandler - Cinematographer

Upon graduation from college, I started my teaching career – Graphic Arts/Photography and later Communication Systems. Also at this time I started  photographing weddings professionally shooting as many as 50 in one year. This deep immersion in the wedding business gave me the opportunity to be a part of a great number of weddings and through those experiences, I developed a real understanding of the importance and romance of a couples’ wedding day. I also started formulating some ideas how I would film a wedding if I were a videographer instead of a photographer. So, in 2001 with the advent of digital video, I made the switch to videography. And in 2016, I left the classroom to devote myself full-time to cinematography.

Film-making is part technology, part understanding people, and part magic and art. I love my job.